Locinox has introduced the new Modulec surface-mounted electric strike, designed for flexibility, modularity, aesthetics and ease of installation. One of the main advantages of Modulec is its easy installation, which requires drilling only three holes, the company noted. The installer can leave the profile unaltered, which is time-saving.

The patented Quick-Fix system ensures that Modulec is mounted strongly, and resists a maximum pressure of 660 lbs. on the day bolt.
Modulec is easily interchangeable with all Locinox SA and SH keeps, and can be connected to both 12V-24V and AC/DC. Mounted on profiles from 1-1/2”, Modulec can be combined with gate profiles up to 2-1/2”, the company said, adding that it is manufactured for both left and right swinging gate wings so installers and manufacturers don’t have to provide different types Modulec is new innovative surface-mount electric strike from Locinox of gate wings and posts.

Modulec’s housing is made of black anodized aluminum which offers high corrosion resistance and is well-suited for outdoor use in extreme weather conditions. In order to guarantee long life in extreme conditions, every product line is submitted to the 500,000 movements test before launching. Locinox noted that it designs the Modulec with its standard 7/8” deep throw of the bolts as opposed
to the more common 1/4”.

Locinox said that Modulec is highly energy-efficient, and when in idle status, consumes no power. Only when an impulse is given to open the gate is the magnet attracted. Modulec utilizes this fail-close principle where the unit remains locked in case of loss of power supply.